AgIS Capital LLC


AgIS Capital moves beyond the simple buy-hold strategies employed by many of today’s traditional agricultural investment managers by pursuing hybrid investment opportunities that are outside the reach and conception of others.

We utilize our experience, global networks and creativity in deal-structuring and asset management to identify and execute direct, fee simple farmland investments and private equity investments in related agricultural operating companies.

We focus on exploiting inefficiencies and dislocations within the agricultural sector to position our clients to achieve outstanding, risk-adjusted investment performance.

Creating investment value where others fail to see or embrace opportunity requires a highly disciplined approach. Ours entails:

  • Researching and analyzing agricultural industries to identify emerging and attractive markets
  • Initiating strategic partnerships with agricultural processors and marketers to capitalize on attractive acquisition and re-structuring opportunities
  • Deploying capital strategically, opportunistically and with flexible terms to our portfolio companies
  • Approaching the market without self-imposed geographic, structural, deal size or portfolio constraints
  • Working to identify and develop early-stage and “greenfield” opportunities, and
  • Establishing significant pools of capital by collaborating with a limited number of large, sophisticated, highly nimble and strategically-oriented institutional investors