AgIS Capital LLC

Why AgIS Capital

We compete based on our insights and knowledge of emerging opportunities within the agricultural investment sector and on our conceptions of how best to capitalize on them. Our core competencies and differentiating characteristics include:

  • Experienced: We have the knowledge necessary to recognize market inefficiencies and dislocations and the expertise required to capitalize on these trends.
  • Opportunistic: We blend farmland with related operating company investments to provide unique solutions for rapidly growing companies.
  • Creative: We have the flexibility to be innovative – to look for new ways to create investment synergies and value and to ignore the artificial boundaries (size, location, composition, and characteristics) that preclude competitors from pursuing unique and niche opportunities.
  • Focused: We work with large, nimble and highly sophisticated investors whose needs and interests closely align with our capabilities and whose visions of value creation in the agricultural sector correspond with our own.
  • Independent: We are an independent, employee-owned firm that is focused on aligning our interests with those of our clients because we view our success as a direct reflection of the performance and overall level of satisfaction we produce for them.